Gaza Authorities Say Only Power Plant on Brink of Shutdown

February 5, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ The Gaza Energy Authority said that if no fuel is received, the only power plant in Gaza will be shut down Friday night, according to The Siasat Daily.

The plant stopped serving power to more than 60% of the coastal strip on Thursday. A cold front that swept through the region forced the Gaza Energy Authority to use its remaining fuel faster than expected, the authority said. Palestinian liaison officer Raed Fattough said fuel for the plant is purchased from and delivered by Israel, but Israeli authorities stopped fuel trucks from entering Gaza.

Kan’an Obeid, deputy manager of the Energy Authority in the Gaza Strip noted that an EU contract paying for fuel shipments expired in late November, and EU officials recently stated they would no longer pay for the shipments unless the Palestinian Authority drafted a new agreement and payment scheme.

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