/EIN Presswire/ In a follow up to their recent visit to SAK Commodities’ Baghdad Headquarters, Iraq Economic TV’s Managing Director, Abbas Kamel Al Essawi and Production Editor, Shaamel Abbas Al Essawi returned to SAK to extend a helping hand and offered access to a broader platform. Abbas Kamel Al Essawi invited SAK CEO, R.M.Hultz and Project Director, L. Sowell to review several communications products and formats. Initially Abbas Kamel Al Essawi offered greater access to reporting staff to conduct continual follow up on the progress of SAKs import contracts and future investment projects.

The effort is designed to expose Iraq’s current investment climate through the eyes of an investment group currently on the ground. Abbas Kamel Al Essawi said, “In addition this would provide a platform for Iraq to showcase its talents and abilities to a broader global market and drive a greater demand for the products and services we can offer as a progressive media outlet on a regular basis.”

Production Editor Shaamel Abbas Al Essawi offered to develop a series of commercials, not a new concept in Iraq but definitely a first for a foreign company with an office in Baghdad. The commercial formats would be followed up by a series of brief interviews with company staff. The staff interviews would allow a broadcasting of company progress from various points of view, all tempered to demonstrate the somewhat under reported signs of progress in Iraq.

We at SAK are honored by the outreach extended to us by Iraq EconomicTV and graciously except this sense of volunteerism will not go unrewarded. SAK will reciprocate by rebroadcasting Iraq EconomicTV’s end product and broaden their exposure to global clientele who share a similar need for a modern, progressive media outlet who can broadcast their message

Sanna Al Kassir in conjunction with its partners operates offices in Australia, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United States and has maintained an active presence in Iraq since early 2005

Inquiries and request for product availability should be directed to the SAK corporate website www.sakcommodities.com

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