Nationwide program assists schools, churches, charities, and other NPOs

February 8, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ — A new nationwide grant program will provide qualifying Non-Profit Organizations with thousands of dollars in cash allowances and services for the purpose of installing new energy efficient lighting systems. The program was created by VistaBright Lighting, a national supplier of energy efficient lighting products ( The grants are designed to assist educational institutions (private and public), churches, charitable organizations, community groups, and all other qualifying NPOs in reducing the costs of buying and installing state-of-the-art light fixtures in their facilities before the end of 2010. Using this “green technology” results in a significant reduction in monthly energy costs, which can have a major impact in lowering an organization’s annual expenses.

Old technology lighting is notoriously power hungry. Such systems use metal halide, incandescent or sodium lamps, and are typically found in light fixtures in gyms, auditoriums, factories, warehouses and outdoor lighting applications. Energy usage can be reduced by over 50% by using high efficiency fluorescent or LED lights in new construction projects or in retro-fitting existing facilities. Additional benefits include reduced eye strain, improved visual acuity, and the environment is protected through the reduced consumption of fossil fuels.

The grant program is made possible through the on-going efforts of VistaBright Lighting in organizing the nationwide Energy ALERTSM Alliance, comprised of lighting industry manufacturers, distributors, and electrical contractors. ALERTSM is an acronym for Advanced Lighting Equipment Replacement Technology.

“ALERTSM Grants provide qualifying NPOs with products and services worth thousands of dollars and are scalable to the size of each project” said Craig Pringle, President of the Alliance. Pringle went on to say, “In addition to the cash allowances towards the purchase of fixtures and lamps, the program includes free professional design and consulting services, reduction of installation costs through the ALERTSM electrical contractor network, and possible additional grants directly from Energy ALERTSM Alliance member firms”.

Interested organizations can download grantee qualifications, application instructions, and an application form at the ALERTSM website:

Grants will be issued on a weekly basis, with March 31, 2010 being the application deadline. Applying early will improve an organization’s eligibility for a grant.

Contact: Mr. Craig Pringle, President
Energy ALERT Alliance,
P.O. Box 8975, Ames, IA 50014
Phone: 515-432-5780 FAX: 801-761-2511
E-mail: [email protected]