Colorado Geothermal Land Lease Delayed for Third Time

February 9, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ The Obama administration may desire to invest more in Geothermal energy, but the regulatory hurdles, lack of education about geothermal power and citizen protests may be the green industry’s biggest stumbling blocks — if the situation in Colorado is any indication of things to come.

According to the Denver Post, the Bureau of Land Management delayed for the third time a lease of 800 acres of land for geothermal power. The land would house the state’s first geothermal power plant, but the bureau stated that more environmental reviews were needed before a lease could be granted.

The bureau says that the delay this time was prompted by more than 240 protest letters and a five-hour meeting with 170 area residents. The 800 acres are located in Chaffee County, which is on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado – 140 miles from Denver.

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