Company Apologizes for Falsifying Airplane Seat Safety Data

February 9, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ On the heels of the Toyota recall, another Japanese manufacturer is in hot water over safety concerns. However, Koito Industries have gone a step further in its misdeed and falsified its safety data for seats currently installed in more than 1,000 aircraft.

Japan’s largest aircraft-seat manufacturer faked strength test data for more than 150,000 seats used in Boeing and Airbus aircraft, according to AFP. Companies that have bought planes with Koito Industries seats include Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air Canada, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Koito Industries’ president Takashi Kakegawa apologized at a Monday news conference for the forged data, saying that the company worried there would be a delay of deliveries had the seats failed the tests.

An official from Japan’s transportation ministry said, “The data were fabricated, but this doesn’t mean airplanes would be immediately at risk. Proper retesting would prove most of the seats’ safety.” However, data falsification may have been occurring for more than 15 years.

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