‘How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations’ Debuts on Amazon Kindle Books

Read the fierce business satire that skewers corporate culture, the disposable workforce and corporate greed.

February 9, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ What’s the best way to fire someone via email? How many people need to be in CC: before someone makes a decision? Find out the answers to these questions and more in “How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations” From: Richard Hlava, CEO, HlavCo Intl.; To: Subordinates; CC: Terry Dugan (Assistant); BCC: Swiss Bank Account. The new corporate satire about managing today’s corporate culture by destroying it is now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

In CEObservations, CEO Richard Hlava of HlavCo Intl. skewers today’s corporate culture and the coddling of the disposable workforce as he shares his top-level email tips, “best” business practices, Q&A with his insipid employees and numerous CEObservations – aside commentaries on business practices, workers and the finer things in life.

In the book’s 33 chapters, Hlava also shares his thoughts on team dismantling, living to work, who would Jesus CC: and how to get productivity out of the IT department.

“People often ask me, ‘What’s your secret?’ and I tell them that it’s a secret and they can go to Hell,” Hlava typed in a recent email. “But. . . islands don’t buy themselves so here we are.”

The blunt, divisive and always controversial Hlava prides himself on being a pioneer and a trendsetter in email corporate communication. Thanks to email, Hlava never has to talk to anyone again, especially the people who work for him. In fact, he hasn’t spoken a word to anyone in years, and it’s working out perfectly for him.

“Email is the wave of the future. It’s completely changed corporate culture. Now, people don’t waste my valuable money by gabbing at each other. Thanks to email, people work. They sit at their desk with these stupid smiles on their faces – occasionally bursting into laughter – happily and efficiently working the day away. That’s the power of email, the power of productivity.”

How do you get the message across to your employees the CEO way? Download “How to Write Email that GETS RESULTS & Other CEObservations” to your Kindle today. Get the book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0037HOLWG or visit http://www.hlavco.com. By following Hlava’s advice, you, too, could someday climb the corporate ladder to middle management.

About the Author
Richard Hlava is the fictional founder and CEO of HlavCo Intl., a multinational corporation that supplies the world with a wide range of useful products from Leberkase Lederhosen edible Oktoberfest wear to The Right Stuff home pet taxidermy solution.

A decorated war veteran with a throwback managerial style, Hlava brings his centuries-old survival-of-the-fittest techniques to each HlavCo Intl. subsidiary, with the ultimate goal of making as much money as humanly possible for his stock holders and, most importantly, for himself. Read more about him at http://www.hlavco.com.