Valentine’s Day Dates That Will Win Her Heart without Busting Your Budget

5 Off-Beat Ideas for ‘Action Dates’ from Dating Coach Trance Wood

New York, NY – February 5, 2010 — In these challenging financial times, it can be difficult to find and keep love on a limited budget. With Valentine’s Day coming up, Trance Wood, a NY-based Real Life “Hitch” says it’s possible to find love and have fun by using a bit more creativity.

“First off,” says Wood, “dinner on a first date is a bad idea. It’s sedentary and puts pressure on a couple getting to know one another — and nothing kills a first date faster than bad table manners and food stuck in your teeth.”

Wood advises his clients to create an “action date” that gets couples to collaborate and talk about their interests. Here are 5 active ideas for building the romance:

1. Walk in the Park – How can a walk in the park qualify as a great Valentine’s Day date? Build it up and bundle up! Remind her of when you both were kids and how much fun a simple walk in the park could be. Walking side by side through Central Park is a great chance to have the kind of conversation that can lead to romance. Be sure to bring bread to feed the ducks, and a thermos of steaming hot chocolate or brandy and two snifters.

2. Bookstore Browsing – If you both love to read, browsing around in one of those big, open book stores like Barnes & Noble can be fun, relaxed and revealing. You can each find some favorite books in your favorite mega-store then settle in with a coffee and read to each other for fun or romance.

3. An Indoor Picnic – Promise her a picnic for Valentine’s Day complete with her favorite foods. Then take her on a shopping “spree” and choose some fun food items together. Head for a warm, public space you can enjoy together. If you’re in Manhattan, one great place is the Sony Building at Madison and 55th. Enjoy – peel some grapes for her for that extra touch!

4. Trip to the pet shop – Does she have a thing for dogs or cats? Take her to the pet shop and have some holding and playing with her favorite pets. It could be the start of puppy love.

5. A priceless trip to the 99 cent store – How can a visit to a 99 cent store be romantic? Tell her you are going to find out how well you’ve come to know each other. Then make it a game: each of you gets $10 to buy items that remind her of you, and vice versa. Keep the items a secret. Then go out for coffee and present the gifts with a story to go with them. It can be a fun way to get closer.

Now use your imagination! It’s not how much you spend, its how special and fun you make it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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