Canada addiction rehabilitation Reports – The Dangers of Legal Highs

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — News reports about a growing problem with the use of the legalized drug mephedrone in Britain helps demonstrate the need for more education regarding drug safety. Canada drug rehab center Chatsworth Pavilion helps shed light on the issue because a growing number of individuals don’t recognize the dangers of some legal stimulants.

Legalized Highs

Mephedrone is a substance that produces an effect that is comparable to the illegal drug Ecstasy. Although it is not a banned substance, it has reportedly lead to a number of hospital visits by individuals complaining of symptoms such as panic attacks, hallucinations, problems with circulation, and other health issues. The recent death of an 18 year-old student, believed to have taken the substance, has many concerned about the dangers of legalized stimulants.

Gareth Balmer, a project manager at Addaction, an alcohol treatment charity in Scotland, is quoted in a recent AOL News report as stating of Britain’s issue with mephedrone, “People think that because it’s legal they won’t get into trouble and that it must be less harmful than other drugs.”

However, with any manufactured substance with the potential to have mind-altering affects, individuals should be cautious about their decision to use them because they may present the same or worse dangers than illegal substances. Chatsworth Pavilion recommends thoroughly educating oneself about the safety of any drug, including those that may be prescribed by a health care practitioner, before use.

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