Search Engine Lawyer Marketing For Legal Websites – Real Time Search Means Real Time Results

Dallas, Texas ( There has been a steady evolution in Internet marketing for lawyers and everyone else over the last year. At the end of 2009 Google announced the launch of real-time search. What that means to law firm marketers is that news articles, blogs and web pages can now appear on the actual results pages for your prospects searches. Google has also incorporated data from publicly available Facebook pages and Twitter as part of this offering. Real time searching seemed to be inevitable and with the inclusion of the two top social media sites, it would appear that Google is setting the pace.
This new development combined with the higher frequency of Universal search results (inclusive of video, images and books), make it even more imperative for law firm web marketers to create content that is more compelling and unique than the traditional web content of a few years ago. Because law firm websites are in a very competitive and par category, and lend themselves well to breaking news, firm updates, and new developments in case law, legal marketers would be well served to take advantage of the following tactics:
• Create a law firm blog – Post often covering topics that are of interest to both prospects and referring attorneys. Incorporate keyword rich content and syndicate your blog across the Internet.
• Create a Facebook page with interesting content- Include images, videos and allow fans to make appointments for free case evaluations through your page.
• Take advantage of the Google ten-pack- Use Google local so that you appear on the local map for geo targeted inquiries for the key words that make the most sense for your practice.
Use optimized online press releases – Include links back to your law firm website and images and/or video where

More and more legal marketers are jumping on the real time search bandwagon along with the rest of the Internet marketing universe. The advent of this search capability is a double edged sword, as it provides a sure fire way of being front and center when a prospect begins their research based on their need for legal assistance. On the other hand, in order to stay front and center fresh content that is of interest to these prospects must be created on a steady ongoing basis., a lawyer marketing agency (, can catapult your law firm’s Internet presence to a higher level by providing an array of services such as custom website design for attorneys, social media strategies and lawyer newsroom/blog solutions that include the creation of relevant content.’s Smart News Technology works like a blog on steroids, and can be custom tailored to your law firm’s website providing the ability to write, publish, and distribute firm news, press releases and articles with an automatic optimization feature second to none. In addition to taking advantage of real time search engine results, our private label newsrooms provide longer term improved rankings by creating fresh web content because each delivered article becomes a part of your website.

For more information on how can help you with web design for attorneys, take advantage of real time search engine optimization, or develop a complete Internet marketing program including Google maps and social media, contact Kevin Quinlan lawyer marketing expert.
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