Holocaust Victims Take Hungarian Railways to Court

February 12, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ Holocaust victims are suing Hungarian State Railways for $1.24 billion for what the claimants see as its role in aiding the Nazis in transporting Jews to Auschwitz.

Claiming the railway facilitated the extermination of Jews, the victims, their survivors and heirs have filed suit in Chicago, asking for $240 million in compulsory damages and another billion in punitive damages. The plaintiffs say that more than 430,000 Hungarian Jews were sent to the concentration camp by way of the Hungary’s rail system and that those who operated the railway were aware of the trains’ final destination.

The complaint accuses the railway operator of “aiding and abetting the Nazi genocide of 1944,” and of “looting the plaintiffs’ possessions, valuables, heirlooms stock certificates, currency and jewelry from the plaintiffs’ luggage.”

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