/ EINPresswire.com / Dr Abdul Al Kareem Al Sudani invited Sanna Al Kassir (SAK) to discuss foreign investment in Iraq. In a first for SAK CEO R. M. Hultz and Project Director Larry Sowell; the SAK team was invited to Iraqi Media Network’s (IMN) Studios in Baghdad. Dr Kareem was very interested in SAK’s investment activities in Iraq and how that could be beneficial for the Iraqi people.

After a brief discussion on SAK’s history in Iraq, Dr Kareem asked how he could assist or in some way enhance the climate in which new foreign investors find when first entering Iraq. Dr Kareem stated “Iraq is a great nation with many wonderful things to offer the world, but our great nation is in need, in need of all Iraqis to embrace foreign investors in the spirit of cooperation.” Dr Kareem was referring to Iraq’s reconstruction. He continued, “I want to do my part; I am the General Manager of the Iraqi Media Network. On the surface, one might think we here at the station, might have a limited ability to participate, but I disagree. We have a voice and we want to be known as a voice of progress in Iraq and to the world.”

Dr Kareem offered the services of his station and staff to SAK as their contribution and participation in the reconstruction of Iraq. IMN will designate a group of reporters to follow SAK’s progress in their current contracts: two for cement and a third for steel. Hultz invited Dr Kareem’s team to take part in a series of upcoming negotiations scheduled with the Ministry of Housing and Construction, responsible for building many of the new homes ordered by the Prime Minister and anxiously awaited by the Iraqi people.

Sowell added, “We are encouraged by the willingness of Dr Kareem, the Iraqi Media Network and its staff, to lend support to showcase our projects in Iraq; I feel this strongly demonstrates the desire of Iraqis who wish to participate in Iraq’s reconstruction.” Sowell extended an invitation to Dr Kareem’s team to Basra, as SAK launches its logistical support operations there in the coming weeks.

In addition to Basra, Sowell invited Dr Kareem’s group to the Ministry of Transportation, to report on the signing of an agreement that will confirm SAK’s new Basra operations and pave the way for SAK to reinvest in the port by improving some of the current port facilities to maximize efficiency and increase production. In a post meeting briefing, Sowell stated, “We have been received very warmly by Iraq, its institutions and its people. It really leaves me with a sense that the situation here is improving greatly for foreign investors.”

Sanna Al Kassir in conjunction with its partners operates offices in Australia, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United States and has maintained an active presence in Iraq since early 2005

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