/ EINPresswire.com / Wiccle Limited proudly announces the official release of its first new Open Source “Content Management System”, iWiccle CMS Community Builder.

Designed with Start-Up companies in mind, the “iWiccle” Open Source CMS delivers a complete solution for new and existing online business ventures unlike anything published before. Now with simple to control editors, the Entrepreneur can be in full control without having to type a single line of code or understand the back-end structure to create high-performance sites that can match any global online business websites.

The iWiccle CMS Community Builder system ships with 10+ modules for online publishing, interaction and collaboration, ranging from Articles, Blogs, News, Photos and Videos to Forum Groups and Member Management. iWiccle CMS Community Builder contains everything needed to get community websites, content portals and online collaboration off the ground. In short, iWiccle will appeal to everyone who has the desire to deploy feature-rich websites on any scale without barriers.

The iWiccle platform is a host independent solution with interactive Web 2.0 functionality and robust security protection. Wiccle software goes far beyond standard CMS and other DIY website builder options. It brings the best of Web 2.0 features into one system and allows the Entrepreneur to “merge” any of the features and modules together, creating whole new sets of features beyond the default installation! This brings website building to a whole new league. It is a complete new framework and a powerful SEO performer, each module representing an independent software package with top level scripting functions.
As an end-user of the Wiccle systems, be it as an hobbyist, corporate, small business, or start-up company, iWiccle gives you thousands of options within an simple and easy-to-use interface to maximize your publishing creativity.

Wiccle Limited is a new software developer and online publisher based in the new modern high-tech offices of WebWorks Galway in Ireland. Our mission is to bring the Wiccle platform to the global marketplace where the last barrier of the Internet is removed, where our vision that anyone with basic computer skills can create powerful websites becomes a reality. The iWiccle Community Builder stands at version 1.21 and can be downloaded for free at www.Wiccle.com.

Contact: Keith Killilea
WebWorks Galway
Forster Street, Galway City,
E-Mail – [email protected]
Phone: (+353) 91 475366