Judgement Day Approaches for Google in Books Settlement

February 16, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ On Feb. 18, US District Judge Denny Chin will again hear arguments in the ongoing Google Books settlement, and Google is pushing for the judge to accept the revised settlement agreed to by Google, the Authors Guild and publishers.

The Microsoft and Amazon-led Open Book Alliance is adamantly fighting against a settlement, saying that Google would have a monopoly on the online book market. The US Justice Department sides with the Open Book Alliance, reiterating that the settlement would stifle competition in the book market and undermine copyright laws.

In an interesting twist, the AP reports that Chin might not be on the bench for this suit much longer as he has been nominated by President Obama to a position on a federal appeals court, with confirmation in the Senate expected to come soon. If Google tried to revise the settlement again, it would run the risk of further delays if a new judge had to spend time reviewing the volumes of documents in the case, according to the AP.

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