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/EIN Presswire/ Xseed Co., Ltd and ScaleUp Technologies Announce a Strategic Partnership to Form the Foundation of a Global Cloud Computing Framework

As the First Mover in Cloud Computing in Germany, ScaleUp Continues its Leadership Role

(Hamburg, Germany – February 16, 2010) Xseed Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Yoshinori Suzuki) and ScaleUp Technologies, (Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany; President & CEO: Gihan Behrmann) the first cloud services provider in Germany, are taking the first steps in creating the standards & framework for a globally connected cloud, a cloud computing service aimed for global business development.

Cloud computing markets are expanding at a rapid pace throughout the world. Xseed and ScaleUp Technologies agreed to develop innovative services offering new cloud computing technologies to address growing global demand and conduct joint marketing activities spanning Japan & Europe. This business partnership makes the best use of both companies strong points and enables the development of services tailored for a global market.

As a first step in the partnership, ScaleUp Technologies will develop a service beyond their conventional hosting by utilizing the API & architecture currently used in Libra, which is a service of Xseed Co., LTD

As a leading cloud computing service company, Xseed will leverage ScaleUp Technologies technology and development capabilities to help expand Libra service for rapid global development.

Both Xseed and ScaleUp utilize AppLogic(R), the industry leading Cloud Computing platform by 3Tera(R) Inc. Having 3Tera as a partner helps Xseed and ScaleUp deliver a global cloud solution with AppLogic as a standardized platform.

“Cloud computing is an international development, because it creates the ability for companies of all sizes to access world class computing infrastructure anywhere in the world at affordable costs” said Bert Armijo, SVP Product Management and Marketing for 3tera. “Roughly half our new registrants are outside the US already and we’re excited that two of our most innovative partners are working together to deliver more global services based on AppLogic.”

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ScaleUp Technologies is the IT power plant that supplies businesses with the exact amount of server resources needed. As easy as power from the outlet; highly available, scalable and safe. With ScaleUp, businesses can compose a complete server infrastructure with user-defined configurations on screen. ScaleUp is a spin-off of internet4YOU GmbH & Co. KG, a German service provider offering server and hosting solutions to businesses. Internet4YOU is focused on building and operating individual IT infrastructures for small to medium sized companies. With four redundant data centers, even the highest demands for 24/7 availability can be achieved. With a team of highly specialized IT professionals, internet4YOU has been delivering first class IT infrastructures for more than 10 years. For more information visit,

About Xseed Co., LTD
Xseed Co., LTD provides high-level IT service using open source software. With more than 300 customers in Japan, Xseed offers hosting services and focuses on system integrators and distributors of mobile-content (music, picture, game and animation). Xseed began offering grid hosting service “myDC” in august, 2008 , and “Libra” service in September, 2009. Both are based on AppLogic by 3tera.

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3Tera(R) is the leading innovator of cloud computing technology and utility computing services, simplifying the deployment and scaling of online applications. Named “Cool Vendor in IT operations, 2008” by Gartner Group, 3Tera offers AppLogic™ , the first commercially available cloud computing platform that completely removes the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure. Available both for building in-house private clouds and as a platform for cloud computing services, AppLogic allows IT professionals to develop and deploy online applications in minutes instead of weeks, using only a browser to manage and scale on demand fully distributed systems and deliver security and business continuity for all applications, while fully controlling their cloud computing environment. For more information, visit