Maglev 2000 Names Ernest M. FazIo Director Of Communications

Long Island, NY – February 16, 2010 – Interstate Maglev Project LLC, American representatives of the second generation Maglev 2000 high speed rail technology, have appointed Ernest M. Fazio as Director of Communications.

Mr. Fazio is well-known as an advocate of modern energy efficient transportation systems which pollute less or not at all; and has many years experience in advancing ideas that can create public policy in the areas of alternative fuels and conservation. For the last eight years, in his capacity as Chairman of Long Island Metro Business Action, Mr. Fazio has hosted weekly public forums where the audience has access to public officials, leaders in industry, inventors, and opinion makers of all political persuasions. Past positions as a reporter and radio interview show host enabled Mr. Fazio to perfect the skills which have made him a respected leader, often heralded as an agent of positive change within the Long Island Community.

“We were looking for someone with the necessary substance and strength to effectively publicize the significant advantages of creating a working American Maglev,” said James C. Jordan, President of Interstate Maglev Project. “We are very excited about having Ernie join our Project, because he is exactly the right individual to raise both public and private awareness and interest in Maglev 2000 as the transportation technology of the future.”

Mr. Fazio has frequently been recognized for his leadership role in influencing public policy and working to improve the overall quality of life on Long Island. Long Island Business News has honored Ernie with its ‘Front Page Award’ as well as naming him to its elite ’60 over 60′ roster. He is a member of the Long Island Panel of the New York Regional Plan Association, and was recently selected by the Long Island Association and “Promote Long Island” for ‘The Spirit of Long Island’ award.

Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) is a new mode of transport, in which high speed vehicles are magnetically levitated and propelled along elevated guideways. Maglev can transport passengers and freight over long distances at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. Maglev promises to be a major mode of transport in the 21st Century, even more important than autos, trucks and airplanes.

Maglev 2000 is developing and implementing this new mode of transport. The M-2000 system is an advanced second generation maglev system based on recent inventions by Gordon Danby and James Powell, the original inventors of superconducting maglev.The system is low-cost, includes freight transport, and is capable of hi-speed (300mph) electronic switching.

Contact: Ernest M. Fazio

Interstate Maglev Project, LLC
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Falls Church, Virginia 22046