Shipping Companies Speeding Up Recovery by Slowing Down

February 17, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ After a brutal 2009 in the shipping industry, companies are taking things a little slower in 2010 – and saving their bottom lines from drowning.

Shipping companies, such as Danish carrier Maersk, are taking the slow boat to China, reducing their speeds and cutting their expenses. By halving its top speed, Maersk has cut its fuel consumption by almost 30% on certain routes, sacrificing time spent in transport for a more fuel-efficient trip.

The added benefit of the slowdown is the lowering of carbon emissions. As noted in The New York Times, transport emissions have soared in the past 30 years with the advent of long-haul shipping. Container shipping alone saw its emissions grow eightfold since 1985. According to the Times, more than 220 vessels are now practicing “slow steaming.”

Two countries are not fans of this new trend in shipping: They’re China and India.

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