The Flotender Automatic Rain Barrel combines technology with smart watering techniques to bring water conservation to the masses.

WOODINVILLE, WA – Rainwater harvesting is quickly becoming a hot discussion topic as spring time drawing closer and closer. The typical thought with rainwater harvesting is that the biggest systems are the best. However, large systems don’t always translate to efficiency. Large rainwater harvesting systems take up a lot of space and the average homeowner knows they aren’t inexpensive. A large system certainly allows you to capture large amounts of water; however, the efficient use of captured rainwater is equally, if not more important, than the amount of water captured.

What most people are unaware of is that proper watering techniques can help reduce the frequency that plants need to be watered. Drip irrigation is the most efficient method to deliver water to plants. Drip irrigation places water directly to the root zone of the plant, which limits the amount of water wasted on unplanted areas, while saturating the soil at the base of the plant.

Periods of well watering will dramatically reduce the frequency of summer watering. The concentrated application of spring rainfall captured from their roof allows a homeowner to develop a healthy root structure for the summer. In the summer, the efficient management of summer rainfall through concentrated drip irrigation allows the root structure to be well saturated in preperation for the next stretch of hot weather. This allows a properly watered plant to go much longer before the next watering is required.

With the right combination of watering and technology, even a small rain barrel can reduce your dependence on city water. Imagine a rainwater harvesting system that not only captured rainwater, but also automatically watered plants using drip irrigation. The Flotender Automatic Rain Barrel does just that. The Flotender system utilizes drip irrigation and when combined with proper watering techniques, allows the homeowner to do a lot of conserving, with even the smallest system. In rainy months the Flotender Automatic Rain Barrel can b e used to automatically deliver concentrated water to plants; ultimately helping to create a healthy root structure while water is still readily available. By the time drought restrictions are in effect the homeowners plants have healthy root structures, and the Flotender Automatic Rain Barrel is ready to capture any falling rainwater for storage or scheduled waterings.

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