/ EINPresswire.com / Not wanting to miss the opportunity to encourage foreigners to participate and invest in Iraq’s reconstruction; Her Excellency Bayan Dizaye, The Minister of Construction and Housing, invited Sanna Al Kassir (SAK) CEO, R M Hultz and Senior Project Director, Larry Sowell to the Ministry’s Main Office in Baghdad to discuss current and future projects. For the meeting, Minister Dizaye assembled a significant number of her Deputy Ministers and support staff to attend.

Minister Bayan Dizaye, discussed a series of projects in which the Ministry seeks involvement of Foreign Companies to infuse the Ministry and Iraq with new, modern and more technologically advanced products and services to spur Iraq’s reconstruction. The Minister seeks to broaden and increase the quality of products and services currently available to Iraq’s construction market. SAK CEO Hultz extended offers to support the Ministry with its current and future construction initiatives. Minister Dizaye wasted little time accepting the offers of support and immediately instructed her Deputy Ministers to engage SAK in direct dialog in regards to the projects the Ministry currently has underway. Minister Dizaye said, “It is very important that Iraq has access to new technologies to enhance and improve the efficiency of Iraq’s reconstruction efforts and we welcome Foreign Investors to invest and participate.”

Senior Project Manager Sowell touched briefly on the current residential construction initiatives, referring to the recent announcements from the Prime Minister to build half a million new residential units starting late 2009. Minister Dizaye stated, “It is true the Prime Minister announced these initiatives to construct 500,000 new residential units and it is a vital, primary mission for the Ministry of Construction and Housing to complete; but the Ministry’s responsibilities goes much deeper then the initial announcement. Our Ministry is assigned the responsibility for constructing roads, bridges, schools and hospitals as well as all the administrative buildings and production facilities for all other Ministries in Iraq.”

To ensure that Iraq’s reconstruction is conducted to the highest possible standards available, Minister Dizaye asked SAK’s staff to schedule follow-on meetings as soon as possible to have the greatest potential positive impact on projects currently under construction by the Ministry. SAK is committed to the reconstruction of Iraq and the half a million homes recently announced is just the first step in a process which will continue for the next ten to twenty years. “We at SAK are honored that the Ministry has invited us to participate in their scheduled projects and we look forward to leaving behind a small symbol of our legacy behind for future generations.”

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The meeting was followed by a brief press conference attended by a modest cadre of local media to include Iraq Economic TV, Al Sumeria Television and Al Ein TV. Interest in Sanna Al Kassir’s activities has increased exponentially over the last few months, driven by the first three contracts signed with the Ministry of Trade State Company for Construction Materials late January 2010. The total value of those contracts could exceed 800 million USD over the next two years. Hultz stated, “Public dissemination of reports like these are a significant part of Iraq’s redevelopment, it highlights positive change and encourages other investors and developers to consider the opportunities Iraq presents. We thank the media for their efforts in this endeavor and invite them to continue their coverage of our progress in Iraq as well as extend an invitation to other media agencies to take up the challenge to broadcast the progress that is taking place in Iraq.”

Sanna Al Kassir in conjunction with its partners operates offices in Australia, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United States and has maintained an active presence in Iraq since early 2005

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