New York City Divorce Mediation Center Now Offers Informative Newsroom service

New York City, New York – Conflict resolution is a sensitive matter that requires both parties to come to an amicable agreement.

However, in the case of a divorce or business dispute, the parties often find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and legal drama, having spent a great deal of time and money in litigation to have their issue put to rest.

Having just launched a cutting-edge new divorce mediation website, the Manhattan divorce mediation service, YS Mediation Center has recently added a newsroom that offers industry news and tips for a smooth conflict resolution.

Available to the public, the YS Mediation Center newsroom will be constantly updated with breaking news and articles that will help people to understand the process and benefits of mediation.

The website and newsroom are aimed at providing a broader base of prospective clients with access to information about what has proven to be a stable and effective alternative to court based dispute resolution, without the stress and price tag of in-court litigation.

Mediation is one of the best means of settling disputes between divorcing couples or business associates, when they require the assistance of legal counsel to resolve. The costs of retaining a highly skilled attorney for divorce settlements, child custody and support agreements, dissolving business in divorce, and other business conflict resolution can be extensive.

About New York City Divorce Mediation Center — YS Mediation Center

Conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, YS Mediation Center is devoted to helping husbands and wives, business partners, employers and employees, Landlord’s and tenants address, and successfully resolve the problems that they find themselves faced such as separation and divorce, and winding up of business employment and landlord tenant relationships.

Prospective clients may visit their new newsroom at or call to speak with someone directly at 1-888.616.0445.

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