New York, New York ( — The New York City mediation specialists at YS Mediation Center Inc. has launched a new website for those seeking custom, hassle-free solutions to both personal and professional conflict resolution.

With the launch of the website, husbands and wives, business partners , employers and employees, Landlord’s and tenants address in the state of New York have a wealth of information at their fingertips to assist with their conflict matters in separation and divorce and business relationships in the most peaceful, sensible way possible.

In keeping the clients’ best interests in mind, YS Mediation Center aims to resolve conflicts without the stress and price tag of lengthy litigation. Backed by a team of licensed attorneys who are also certified mediators, the legal professionals at YS Mediation Center are specifically trained in problem resolution with a background in social work.

This unique blend of training allows the mediators to provide all-inclusive services with a goal of problem resolution faced by individuals in difficult times of separation.

As an added feature, the YS Mediation Center website offers a Free Case Evaluation form which will allow visitors to expedite the process and get them the help they need — fast. There is also a cutting edge newsroom on the new website that gives visitors the ability to keep abreast of the company’s latest news and announcements.

What are the benefits of conflict mediation?

• Improved relationships between children and both parents

• Significant cost savings (avoid the adversarial costs of drawing pleadings, making motions, appearing in court, etc.)

• Significant time savings (avoid the time and stress of litigation)

• More control over personal decisions

• Privacy in a peaceful, cooperative atmosphere

• Assistance in keeping the emotions separate from the practical

• Ability to resolve future issues in the agreement, thereby avoiding later disagreement

• An informed process, so that each person fully understands the consequences of their decisions

Not all circumstances are the same and each matter requires a sensible, personalized resolution. Visit the new YS Mediation Center website at to learn more and to fill out the free case evaluation form. Find latest news on New York City divorce mediation service

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