Three Florida teens were killed Saturday while crossing a bridge.

Melbourne, Florida ( – Three teenage girls were killed by an oncoming train Saturday while crossing a Florida bridge. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the three, along with a fourth teen, were stated to have been taking pictures while halfway across the bridge when the oncoming train hit them. The fourth teen, a male, was reportedly able to make it to safety.

Bruce Dumas, who was fishing prior to the occurrence and reportedly cautioned the teens about going onto the trestle, is quoted by the AP as stating, “I think the train was on them so fast they froze and didn’t know what to do… It’s crazy to watch a young life snuffed out like that. They didn’t have a chance to live yet.”

Melbourne authorities are reportedly investigating the incident. The identities of the victims had yet to be released at the time of the report. – The Latest in Accident Injury News