Free Help for Tampa Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure

TAMPA, FL – February 26, 2010 — A local Homeowner Advocacy Company, the Home Loan Crisis Center, LLC, has been working diligently to help Tampa Bay Area homeowners protect and preserve the American Dream…their home ownership.

One out of every 3 homeowners is having trouble making payments. Falling Real Estate prices have made the prospect of Refinancing almost impossible. According to RealtyTrac, one in 45 homes was hit with a foreclosure filing in 2009.

A local Expert can show you how to qualify for the lowest possible monthly payment and get back on track with your lender, even if you are in active foreclosure.
Learn the common pitfalls to expect and to avoid when you’re attempting to work out an agreement with your lender.

Frustrated homeowners who would like to learn about Loan Modifications, can attend the Free Workshop “Ask an Expert about Loan Modification” held every Tuesday.
To celebrate their first anniversary, and their commitment to the Community, the Home Loan Crisis Center is providing FREE expert guidance to 100 local homeowners who need a Loan Modification to save their homes.

The Federal Government has committed millions of dollars to fund the bail-out of banks and lending institutions. The Treasury Department is investing millions to sponsor the “Making Home Affordable Modification Program”. Unfortunately very little of that money is committed to educate homeowners on what to expect when attempting to modify their loan(s) or how to get back on track once they have fallen behind.

Attempting to negotiate a Loan Modification Agreement is a time consuming, labor intensive process, especially if you have a full-time job. The Experts at HLCC have successfully negotiated workout agreements with every major lender in the United States.

Be aware of unscrupulous nationwide companies claiming to have the ability to magically save people’s homes. Any company requesting an upfront fee should immediately be reported to the Florida Office of Financial Regulations at 800-258-8403.

Workshop Benefits:

Learn the pitfalls to expect and to avoid when you’re attempting to work out an agreement with your lender or attempting to lower your mortgage payments.

Learn what to say if you’re told “You don’t qualify for a Modification” or “Your expenses are too high”.

Learn how to qualify for the lowest possible monthly payment and get your loan back on track, even if you are in foreclosure.

Homeowners can bring their current Mortgage Statement so that after the Presentation and Q & A an Expert can sit with them, evaluate their situation and suggest the best possible course of action.

The Free “Ask the Expert about Loan Modification” Workshop is held every Tuesday at 7:00pm at Hampton Inn & Suites, Fletcher Avenue at I-75.

All are invited but reservations are required as seating is limited.

Contact: GT Wilson, Workshop Speaker
Home Loan Crisis Center, LLC, 6207 North 40th Street, Tampa, FL 33610
Email: [email protected]
For Reservations: (813) 443-9532