A North Texan paralyzed in a drunk driving accident has been awarded millions in an injury case.

Dallas, Texas (WiredPRNews.com) – A North Texas woman has been awarded millions in a personal injury case against a drunk driver. As reported by the CBS 11 News, 23 year-old Jackie Murphree was awarded $20 million by a jury in a case stemming from an accident two years ago, which left Murphree with brain damage and paralyzed. The then Texas A&M University student was hit by drunk driver Betty Monroe near Decatur.

As noted in the report, in addition to Monroe, who the jury said was 70 liable in the accident, the Texas Department of Transportation and a construction company were also deemed responsible.

Murphree’s attorney Derrick Boyd is quoted in the report as stating, “This sends a message that these contractors need to pay attention to safety and put the right devices in place so that when you do have a distracted or drunk driver innocent people like Jackie have everything in place that’s necessary to protect them.”

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