March 2, 2010 /EINPRESSWIRE.COM/ — Mountz, Inc. acquired all assets of Mr. Metric, Inc, a fastener importer and distributor located in San Jose, CA. The value of the deal was not disclosed. Mr. Metric will serve as the flagship brand name for all Mountz fastener products. Fastener products will be integrated into the Mountz logistics system and sold under the strong Mr. Metric brand name.

Mountz plans to roll out a fresh and revived Mr. Metric brand to a combined 6,000 active customers. Mountz is the nations premier manufacturer and supplier of high quality torque tool products used to properly torque fasteners. Mountz serves the world’s largest producers of industrial products. Mountz is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited and operates in over 30 countries. San Jose has been its local headquarters for 45 years.

The Mr. Metric brand will debut a fully functional e-commerce website allowing both users and distributors to transact business. The combined company will operate in a centralized fashion managed from its San Jose, California headquarters.

“This is seamless transition for Mr. Metric customers”, stated Brad Mountz, president of Mountz, Inc. “Our products are used to properly tighten fasteners, the central product of Mr. Metric. Our combined customers will benefit from an expert supplier capable of helping to specify fasteners and the tooling solutions to properly tighten them.”

To achieve proper torque control a product manufacturer must use quality fasteners and tools. Mr. Metric has imported and distributed the world’s best quality screws, nuts, bolts, and hardware for over 30 years. Mountz produces and distributes torque control tools internationally and has operations in USA, Mexico, Canada and Taiwan.

“Our customers rely on our experience to help them solve problems that involve fasteners,” commented Daniel Andeel, National Sales Manager. “Our goal is to use the synergies and experience of a combined sales force to educate our customers on fastener and tool selection. In past, we talked of proper fastener selection and how it impacts quality. Now we can actively introduce and assist our customers with the expertise of Mr. Metric’s product knowledge and product line. Since our customers use fasteners and tools, we see our objective as one of awareness and education followed by delivery and excellence in service and support – hallmarks of both companies”.

Mr. Metric mainly serves the industrial marketplace with its fastener products. However, its customer base includes car and motorcycle enthusiasts, hobbyists of all types who find it near impossible to locate specialty metric fasteners. “Mr. Metric is a one stop shop for those in need of metric products,” said Arely Herrera, business development manager for Mountz. “Our online store will bring to our customers a whole new opportunity to source, shop and order products on demand from an ISO 9001 certified company. UPS Consulting designed our logistics system at Mountz and Mr. Metric will function on our Netsuite ERP platform. I think Mr. Metric customers will immediately see an exciting commitment to product presentation and information availability that will impress them and offer them value that our competition can not match.”

Migration to Mountz will occur by March 2010. All Mr. Metric employees will be retained by Mountz and will be instrumental in customer support and fulfillment. Customers of both companies will be notified of the acquisition.