Affordable SEO Training is Finally a Reality

Affordable SEO offered by the “SEO Google Guru” for website owners that do not want to their empty bank account for online profits.

Most website owners understand the payback a top search engine ranking can have on their business, but have opted to put it on the back burner.

The current economic environment has forced many to reconsider SEO.

Profits are down and numerous companies are challenged with the high cost often associated with traditional marketing avenues. Companies are seeking alternative methods to reach their prospects. Now, it is critical that every marketing dollar spent generates the highest potential ROI.

When times are good, the urgency to create a long term marketing plan is not a top priority. But today the financial ability to perform a solid marketing campaign is frequently out of reach.

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There is no question that the Internet is now a mainstream medium. In 2009, the US internet population will grow to nearly 200 million users, or 65% of the total population. By 2013, 221 million people will be online, nearly 70% of the population.

The demographics of the US Internet population are evolving to reflect the offline population. More women are coming online, and so are more users ages 35 and older.

Daily Internet usage among nearly all demographic groups is climbing. Average time spent online by US adults shot up to 14 hours per week in 2008, compared with 11 hours in 2007. Nearly two-thirds of adults claim they go online every day, the majority for more than one hour.

“Frustrated with hearing business owners struggling to afford high-quality SEO services, I decided to offer affordable SEO training events using my proprietary SEO tactics”, says SEO Google Guru, Randi Thornton.

Why SEO Training? The high cost associated with good SEO leaves many feeling they may never have the opportunity for success online.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for both your visitors and the search engines.

When your presence is invisible online, it is insignificant in doing what a business website is intended for (in most cases), generating brand awareness, leads, sales, prospects, conversations and profits. Today more than ever, your website could will be your number one business asset. It is your business connection to the world.

The affordable SEO series offers a no nonsense, hands on solution which should enable more companies the opportunity to implement internet marketing into their budgets.

SEO Training 101 agenda:

• SEO BASICS: understanding SEO will enable you to move forward. we take an inside peek at SEO and uncover things that may surprise you.

• ANATOMY OF A WEBSITE/ RANKING FACTORS: why do some sites rank higher than others? How does Google see your site? Top ranking factors revealed.

• KEYWORDS ARE KING! Learn to research and identify opportunities. Extremely vital to know before you write anything online again.

• YOUR WEBSITE AUDIT WITH A BONUS: What are you doing wrong? A deep dive into website rankings and what matters most. BONUS! Get a comprehensive SEO report for your site.

• LINK BUILDING: Link building is critical to a successful search engine ranking campaign. Tricks and tools to both internal and external site link building for maximum results.

• METRICS AND ANALYTICS: What valuable info is buried in all of those numbers? Learn how to read your website analytics and identify opportunities and problems so you can fix them including benchmarking along with top factors to monitor regularly.

• BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS: Get blogging right! Learn how to blog for business and make it easy for others to spread your content all over the internet for high visibility.

• SOCIAL MEDIA: How does social media and SEO mix? You better know! Social media is a huge part of an effective seo campaign.

• LOCAL SEO: This is often an overlooked opportunity. Learn how to optimize so search engines know exactly when to display your website to capture your local audiences attention.

• COOL CONCEPTS WITH PERSONAL SUGGESTIONS: SEO is part science and part creativity. When you learn to think outside of the box you create an environment for viral marketing opportunities.

• YOUR NEW SEO TOOLS: I open up my exclusive seo tool box to you! Use the same professional tools I do for maximum results!

• CONGRATS!!! Your last SEO Training Event: By following along each month and applying the learned tactics your job is not finished! Search engines continuously update and change ranking metrics. This is your time to learn the newest factors and what is on the horizon so you can continue enjoying better rankings!

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