/EIN Presswire/ Now In Its 16th Year, Latin Oil Week 2010 is a key event for the Latin American Continent, focused on the exploration industry, gas-LNG and GTL – with Speakers from Latin America and worldwide on competition, National Oil Companies, strategy and portfolio, new ventures, new hydrocarbon potential, regional risks and management issues, integration in energy markets, domestic and cross-border oil and gas ventures, Independents, basins and acreage, new Bid Rounds, competitor strategies, and the future of Latin American and Caribbean hydrocarbons.

Over 250 senior executives attend annually, with 35+ Speakers presenting and 20+ Corporate and Government exhibitions.



The Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) invites you to attend the OPEN ROUND COLOMBIA 2010
Rio de Janeiro, March 22-24, 2010

Managed by Global Pacific & Partners
During 16th Latin Upstream 2010, Rio Sheraton, Sao Conrado, 22-24th March, 2010

ANH was created by the Colombian Government through Executive Order 1760 of June 26, 2003 as a Special Administrative Unit (UAE) reporting to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. ANH’s responsibility is to manage Colombia’s oiland gas resources, in order to benefit Colombian citizens. The Agency represents the Colombian government and its citizens when designating exploration areas.

The Roadshow includes two days of Data Rooms: March 22 – 24, 2010
Plus full-day Presentation Session, March 22, 2010.

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Key Focus
* Latin American Landscapes: Upstream & Exploration Game
* Key Influences In Latin Hydrocarbons
* Latin Gas-LNG and GTL Ventures
* Government Strategies, Acreage & Assets
* Licensing Agencies
* Reserve & Production Outlook
* Mature Exploration Zones
* Heavy Oil & EOR Potential
* Deepwater Potential & New Frontiers
* Caribbean States & Central Latin America
* Southern Cone Gas
* Hydrocarbon Frontier States: New Plays & Opportunities
* Latin Giants: Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico
* Minnows, Independents & Super-Majors Active In The Region
* Foreign State Players Taking Acreage & Joint Venture Positioning
* Emerging Players – Local and Global Players