Union Teamsters 332 Pleads With Genesys Regional Medical Center Management

GRAND BLANC, MI – March 3, 2010 – According to Gregory Garbulinski, there are serious issues between Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc, Michigan and its healthcare workers that remain yet unresolved. Garbulinski brings attention to these issues through his new Web site: 332versusascension.com

The site, sponsored by Greg’s Universe Publishing / Th.Trkstar, presents the issues from a worker’s point of view. Garbulinski is a third shift ER Imaging employee at Genesys. He has witnessed first- hand a struggle between the hospital management and Teamsters 332 as they try to resolve issues and create a better workplace for the employees. Garbulinski wishes to create awareness through the Web site. He hopes the site will help bring a resolution of conflict between Teamsters 332 and Genesys, which is a subsidiary of Ascension Health, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Ascension Health /CEO /Management has received material and recent letters from this website as well as the Union Teamsters 332 over the past two years to the current date concerning Genesys chain of events from July 2006 to February 11th 2010. A copy is available upon request from Nina Bugbee, President of Teamsters 332, [email protected], toll free 1-877-443-9990,” states Garbulinski.

Ascension Health’s CEO Mark Taylor promised in the January 28th 2009 issue of Callings (the company’s newsletter), “A priority of creating relationships with organized labor to foster organizational excellence.” This implies fair, in good faith, optimal employee considerations.

But unfortunately, those traveling southbound along I-75 at Holly Road near the hospital still see in plain view a large billboard stating, “Labor Board Charges Genesys with Destroying Working Lives of Good Union Employees.” The billboard, which was erected in January 2009, shouts for justice but yet the grim circumstances remain unchanged for many employees.

There are current negotiations with an extended Federal Mediated deadline date of March 17, 2010. The negotiations are between Genesys Regional Medical Center, Ascension Health Headquarters and Teamsters Local Union 332.

Garbulinski and other employees simply ask that the not-for-profit organization honor its own mission statement, declaring it to be a “a Ministry of Jesus.” Even the company’s own president, Betsy Aderholdt, stated in the November 12th 2008 issue of INK, “I’m very thankful and proud to be part of such a compassionate organization that’s committed to doing its best to make sure our poor and vulnerable are cared for.”

Teamsters 332 and employees plead with Genesys and Ascension to honor these statements by also caring for their employees in a compassionate manner.

Healthcare workers and others with common interests may visit the Web site below for more information:


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Dateline: March 3, 2010 … Grand Blanc, MI
Contact: Gregory Garbulinski
Phone: (810) 667-3602
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Address: http://www.332versusascension.com