UAD Makes Kane A Star-Spangled Guard

Chicago Blackhawks super star winger, Patrick Kane, proudly represents Team USA during the Olympic Games with his star-spangled mouth guard.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ young, super star winger, Patrick Kane, has gained notice for more than his incredible puck-handling skills. He has the habit of chewing his mouth guard as he plays. It’s common to see him spinning around checks, deftly slipping the puck to teammates, and denting the back of the net while his mouth guard is dangling.

When Patrick Kane was named to Team USA, Chicago dentist, Dr. Martin Marcus of University Associates in Dentistry (UAD) created a unique way for Patrick to ‘fly the flag’. He made a star-spangled mouth guard to use during the Olympic Games.

Dr. Marcus chuckles, “As a dentist, I cringe to see him playing without protecting his teeth. But as a Blackhawks fan, you gotta love what Patrick can do with a puck. If chewing on his mouth guard helps him score and helps the team, what can you do?”

UAD, Chicago’s dental implant experts, make mouth guards for the entire team and they are the official dentists for the Blackhawks. The average player goes through maybe three guards a year. Patrick, however, goes through three a month.

Kane chipped three teeth when he bumped into the helmet of teammate Jonathan Toews last season, but he has no plans to try breaking what he admits is a bad habit. Patrick Kane and Team USA came home with a silver medal after a dramatic, overtime gold medal game against Team Canada.

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