Elite Serum Eye Cream Constantly Improving

The anti aging eye cream sector is constantly changing. This means companies like Skin Pro, makers of Elite Serum, constantly re-invent themselves in order to stay competitive.

Every day there are new, cutting edge products being brought to market in the anti aging skin care sector. With multinational companies continuing to strive for the latest technology and formulas that can help people improve skin quality and look younger, there are advancements being made on a daily basis. One company that has constantly fought to keep up with the innovation is Skin Pro, International, makers of the EliteSkin brand of anti aging products.

In a recent discussion with Doug Holliday, General Manager of Skin Pro, we were lucky enough to find out what they have been doing to stay on top of the industry. The most popular product the company makes is the Elite Serum, a daily use under eye serum that helps get rid of puffiness and dark circles that form under the eyes. It even helps conceal wrinkles that form around the eyes, using a heavy concentration of Argireline, an ingredient made by Lipotec.

“We have improved the Elite Serum by leaps and bounds since our first production run. Everything from the actual formula itself, to the composition of the labels has been altered and improved,” explained Doug. He continued “In this business we learn a lot from our customer base. Their input is crucial to our success, and we feel it’s best to listen to their suggestions.”

Some of the notable improvements that EliteSkin has made to their product line include:

1. Every mail order product is now individually shrink-wrapped, ensuring there is no damage in international shipments.
2. Increased concentration of the leading cosmeceutical ingredients.
3. 6 Month money back guarantee on ALL products.

“With so many notable skin care companies in the South Florida area, we feel our duty is to live up to the reputation of creating effective products right here in what we call ‘The Skin Belt’,” added Holliday, making reference to the numerous skin care companies that call South Florida home.

The EliteSkin line of products has made a lot of strides in joining Florida’s elite brands, and as Holliday concluded the short interview he mentioned that there are a lot of “big things on the horizon,” not only for EliteSkin, but for other brands made by Skin Pro as well.

With continued dedication to improvement and quality control, it will certainly be exciting to watch how this company grows.

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