Legal news for California motorcycle accident attorneys. The Los Angles Triathlon volunteer who was left a paraplegic was awarded $7 million.

A $7 million lawsuit settlement with the city of Los Angeles was reached after a motorcycle accident at the Los Angeles Triathlon left a man a paraplegic.

Los Angeles, CA—A $7 million settlement has been reached with the city of Los Angles, after a volunteer for the 2007 Los Angeles Triathlon was involved in a collision that left him a paraplegic for the rest of his life. The volunteer was struck by a car while on his motorcycle helping to officiate the bicycle portion of the race, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Steve Albala, who was 60-years-old when the collision occurred, subsequently filed the lawsuit following the serious collision. Albala, who was on a motorcycle during the bicycle portion of the triathlon, was struck after a traffic officer told another vehicle to continue through an intersection, which was in the direct path of the volunteer. The collision threw Albala 20 feet into the air on impact, leaving him with a vertebral fracture and hospitalized for over two years. During his extended stay in the hospital, he underwent multiple surgeries in hopes of correcting his injuries. A police report that was drafted at the time of the accident stated that Albala was speeding and was responsible for the collision. The city of Los Angeles also paid out $250,000 to another race official who were riding with Albala on his motorcycle during the accident, and $500,000 was paid to the driver of the car who hit Albala.

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