The driver involved in an alleged assault has stated he regrets police involvement.

New York ( – The driver of supermodel Naomi Campbell, who accused her of assaulting him is now stating he overreacted to the incident. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Miodrag Mejdina stated Thursday that he regretted getting the police involved in Tuesday’s incident for which he accused Campbell of hitting him, which purportedly led to him being injured after hitting his head on the car steering wheel.

Mejdina is quoted by the AP as stating of the matter, “This whole thing has been blown out of proportion and I apologize to Ms. Campbell for causing that to happen.”

Campbell reportedly issued a statement regarding the driver’s apology and getting past other legal troubles, “I have worked very hard on correcting my previous wrongdoings and I will not be held hostage to my past.” – The latest in Accident Injury News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Jgro888