Nova Scotia Real Estate a Tempting Prospect for Europeans

“Many of our Nova Scotia real estate clients are from places like the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Central America”

Many Europeans think of North America as a quaint Doppelganger of the European continent. There are plenty of chic, sophisticated resort communities all over Europe that many people flock to. But, when they grow weary of vacationing at the trendy hot spots, they crave peace and quiet, and the unspoiled beauty of Nova Scotia.

“Many of our Nova Scotia real estate clients are from places like the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Central America”, says Doug Campbell, owner of the real estate site, “We get so many inquiries from Europe, especially from Germany, that I’m having the site translated into German in order to accommodate all the interest. I may translate it into several more languages in the future, but right now, Germans are my largest European client base.”

It’s no surprise that European interest in Nova Scotia is at an all-time high. While property in Nova Scotia is a great investment for North Americans, the Canadian province holds a special place in the hearts of many Europeans. “Many of the original residents of Nova Scotia were from Germany, England and Scotland”, adds Campbell. “The generations that followed remained in the province and now, there is renewed interest from their countries of origin.”

Who wouldn’t be interested in owning property in Nova Scotia? Fans of coastal living can take their pick of hundreds of beautiful bays, harbours and coves along Nova Scotia’s 7,500 kilometres of coastline. Most of the homes along the coast can be had for a fraction of what it would cost to buy in North American coastal communities such as the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. “You get spectacular value in addition to spectacular scenery”, Campbell says. “And, you can live there year-round if you choose.”

Whether you’re considering an investment property, a vacation home, or a permanent relocation, Campbell and his team of experienced agents stand ready to help you find the ideal properties in Nova Scotia. “There’s definitely something for everyone, no matter where you’re from.”

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