Legal news for Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys –Township police reported to the scene at a BP gas station where flames had fatally injured a person and destroyed a Toyota Corolla.

Lower Allen Township, PA ( – Police were called to a BP gas station where a destroyed vehicle and a burned body, that was unrecognizable, was discovered at the scene, at 2:45 a.m., announced the Responding Lower Allen Township police went to the BP gas station located at 3600 block of Simpson Ferry Road in Cumberland County around 2:45 a.m.

Officials reported that a car, which had been on fire, with the gas pump sat at the station before it was open. The person’s body was found outside of the vehicle and was singed to the point that police could not identify it. Police believed that the victim could have been using a credit or debit card to buy gas outside.

The damaged vehicle was distinguished as a Toyota Corolla, but the flames destroyed the license plate. Investigators were going to try and determine the person’s identity and time of death through tracking the credit or debit card transaction that the person made. Police had went to the scene after two eyewitness reports of a car fire at the BP station.

It was not known if there were surveillance cameras that could have possibly captured the event and help to gather more information about the unknown victim. Investigating authorities are trying to determine if this was an accidental event or if there was criminal activity involved. Thus far, Officials continue to probe the scene for evidence to determine what occurred.

Bridget Hom