Fighting Global Warming Not Destructive to Economy Says EPA Head

March 10, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ In an address to the National Press Club, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said environmental advocates have “lost the messaging war” in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

The EPA chief decried what she called a misconception in regards to the relationship between economic recovery and protecting the environment. “Many of us believe, sadly, that we must choose between our economy and our environment,” Jackson said.

“This is about rising to meet our most urgent environmental and economic challenges – not shrinking from them with the excuse that it’s just too hard. That’s never been a good enough answer for the American people. At no point in our history has any problem been solved by ‘waiting another year to act’ or burying our heads in the sand.”

However, the EPA is facing major, some might say surprising, resistance in the US Senate, where several Senate Democrats have indicated they will block the agency’s efforts to implement global warming regulations.

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