/EINpresswire.com / Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 8 – New FODetect-Intersections from Xsight Systems Provides Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection and Ascription for Airport’s Critical Areas

FODetect-Intersections is a unique scalable system developed by Xsight Systems that can be implemented immediately for airports’ critical areas – intersections and other FOD hot-spots, and can easily be expanded to cover full runways, taxiways, or to cover all hot-spots and intersections throughout the airport. Following demand from the world’s largest airports, Xsight Systems announces FODetect-Intersections; the first and only product offering low cost coverage for a single or small number of locations.

Intersections are more prone to FOD occurrences due to the diverse nature of crossing taxiways; including luggage trains, cleaning vehicles, catering vehicles, and maintenance vehicles. FOD dropped at intersections can be picked up by an aircraft causing immediate damage or get dropped further along on the runway.

FODetect-Intersections is based on Xsight’s leading FAA endorsed FOD detection solution, FODetect, and in addition to offering scalable configuration, is the only multi-sensor system utilizing both radar and camera for FOD detection, proving to be the most effective technology to detect even the smallest FOD in the fastest time.

In addition to protecting airports from the risks of FOD, FODetect-Intersections provides its patent pending FOD source ascription, the unique ability to identify the source of the FOD, allowing the airport to notify aircraft and its airline of any lost mechanical parts or to otherwise identify the source causing the debris, including providing video documentation of the event. FODetect-Intersections also provides air and ground controllers with continuous awareness of intersection condition, allowing them to remotely view the actual intersection activity through the system cameras during routine operation as well as during maintenance and harsh weather.

“We are pleased to implement the FODetect ascription technology and method as it offers the airport the ability not only to rapidly detect FOD but also to identify the vehicle or aircraft that dropped the FOD and to take the appropriate preventive action” said Alon Nitzan President and CEO of Xsight Systems.

Providing a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of leading developments in technologies worldwide, Xsight Systems is proud to launch FODetect-Intersections at ATC Global 2010 and invites media to visit for further details and a product demonstration:
Xsight Systems: Thales booth, stand H300 – Hall 11 RAI Exhibition Centre

Note to Editors:
FOD events occur daily at airports around the world presenting a risk to passenger safety, disrupting airport services and causing billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs. Many FOD incidents, unlike runway incursions, result in costly aircraft damage daily and generate serious risk to safety of life or serious flight events. In fact, the referenced study* estimates airline FOD-related direct cost of US$263,000 per 10,000 movements with engine damage representing nearly 80% of that cost, followed by tire damage at over 20% and the remaining fraction related to aircraft body damage.

About Xsight Systems:
Xsight Systems is a provider of the world’s leading technologies and systems for runway situational awareness and foreign object debris (FOD) detection in airports, and advanced sensors for surveillance, security and transportation. Xsight offers millimeter wave radar, vision sensors and advanced image processing technologies for static and mobile platforms. Xsight’s FODetect(R) system introduces a novel concept for detecting foreign objects on airport ground movement surfaces. Xsight has successfully completed an extensive system evaluation with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Media contact:
Dr. Meny Benady, VP Marketing & Business Development
Tel: + 972.54.599.7047
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*Insight SRI, The Economic Cost of FOD to Airlines, March 2008