Global Talent Agency Joins Forces With Global Artist Agency

GTA merges with GAA.

BURBANK, Calif.–California-based Global Talent Agency announced today that they have become a part of web-based Global Artist Agency.

GAA, now along with GTA, is an online marketplace offering creative counseling, legal assistance and a vast array of services and support functions for individuals and organizations pursuing careers in entertainment and related fields.

“We’re excited about this new alliance, and the direction our company is heading. GAA’s focus has always been changing the way talent is discovered, and with GTA under our wing we’re more equipped than ever to do so,” said a spokesperson for the company.

GAA is the first and only talent agency to combine the best qualities of traditional representation and 21st century technology. The company brings artists and decision makers together in an individually-tailored and targeted online environment. Clients are put in charge by giving them control over who sees their work and by offering them the opportunity to participate in the management of their careers.

GAA recently announced the launch of the writers’ portal for their website as part of their innovative approach to traditional Hollywood representation.

GAA is in preparations to open its online portals to performers and other artists from around the world during 2010. For more information about GAA, visit; public relations director Brianna Bertrand can be reached at [email protected]

Global Artist Agency is a web-based talent management and representation firm based in Burbank, California. Global Artist Agency offers a variety of content, products, services, benefits, and other resources on its Global Artist Agency web site,, of particular interest to individuals and organizations pursuing careers in entertainment and related fields.

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