New York conflict resolution center YS Mediation discusses the benefits of using mediation as a means of settling disputes.

March 9, 2010 – Family disputes, business disputes, and accident injury disputes are among the kinds of conflicts typically settled through court processes. These often leave one side with discontentment over the final decision made, because during processes like litigation one party is typically granted a more favorable settlement. Manhattan based YS Mediation proposes five ways in which mediation services may be a more suitable solution for conflict resolution for people involved in legal disputes.

Why YS Mediation?

Mediation is a structured process that involves bringing two parties together with a mediator for resolution of a dispute or issue concerning how financial and other obligations should be handled in the event of a separation. This process is applicable for couples who’ve decided to divorce as well as individuals with personal injury claim disputes, employment issues, and those involved in succession, probate, construction, real estate, business partnership, and environmental disputes. Benefits of using mediation as opposed to litigation or other court based means to settle disputes include:

• Stress Reduction – Parties who enter mediation typically do so with more of an open mind or tolerance for what the other party has to say. This significantly reduces anger and stress issues when trying to reach an agreement.

• Efficiency – With mediation time is saved due to there being a pre-established goal for reaching an agreement, and less time is wasted with emotion-driven battles that delay the process.

• Long-Term Benefits – Anticipated future issues can be included in agreements reached during mediation, which can benefit relationships in the long-term.

• Mutual Cooperation – Mutual cooperation between parties helps ensure that both sides are heard and are content with settlement terms.

• Cost and Time Savings – Mediation can save time and money that would ordinarily be spent with lengthy court battles.

About YS Mediation

YS Mediation is a Manhattan, New York based mediation center that provides conflict resolution services to individuals with domestic, business and other types of disputes that may warrant legal intervention. The center seeks to help parties resolve conflicts with unnecessary litigation through mutual agreements. YS Mediation encourages those with important legal matters to settle to contact them today by visiting, or calling 1-888-616-0445 for a free review of their case.

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