Officials fear driver behavior during completion of a construction project could lead to accidents.

Dallas, Texas ( – Police are reportedly concerned about potential vehicle accidents as a billion-dollar construction project gets under way. As reported by NBC DFW News, authorities fear some drivers may be caught off guard amid construction for the DFW connector project, which could lead to an increase in crashes.

Lt. Todd Dearing, of Grapevine police, is quoted in the report as stating of concerns about driver speed, traffic congestion, and other potential issues related to construction along State Highway 114 and State Highway 121, “Our concern is people not used to driving through here, and they don’t know what’s coming.”

Dearing is further quoted as cautioning drivers about avoiding distractions such as cell phones, “You really need to be paying attention to what you’re doing and driving the vehicle and not talking on the cell phone.” – The latest in Accident Injury News