Raleigh, NC-Leading North Carolina divorce lawyers, Gailor, Wallis & Hunt, report that the most heated debate that arises during the process of divorce is about child custody, child support and visitation. It is crucial that the parents involved in a divorce be as civil and non-adversarial as possible for the benefit of the children. Studies show that the dissolution of a marriage is less harmful for children when there is a decreased amount of conflict, and both parents strive for a fair and equitable resolution. The New York Daily News recently reported that former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, is in the middle of an ongoing child support battle with her ex-fiancĂ© Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin, 19, filed child support papers in January 2010, requesting that her ex-fiancĂ© pay $1,750 a month to support their one-year-old son, Tripp. Palin claimed that she has been providing the care and custody for their son since he was born in December 2008. The couple has been in a constant battle over child support payments. Palin claimed that Levi had an annual income exceeding $100,000 in 2009, which he earned through a combination of modeling and media jobs. Since Palin has had custody of the child, she said that she has only “received limited and sporadic financial assistance from Mr. Johnston, totaling only $4,400 over 13 months.” Levi responded that he had agreed to pay 20 percent of his adjusted income for 2009 to Palin. Levi also stated that he only had one definite contract in the amount of $25,000 for 2010. It was reported that Palin was encouraged when Johnston acknowledged that his child support payments were not adequate and that he still recognized his obligation to his son and the court agreement. “Bristol expects to mediate a child visitation schedule with Levi that balances Tripp’s need to be with his father with Levi’s need to travel and seek work.”

In all child custody disputes, the welfare of the children and their best interest should be the sole focus of both the mother and father. An adversarial custody battle puts the child in a place of conflict that may damage their self-esteem and affect them for years to come.

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