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March 15, 2010 — The Double Eagle Club is the official worldwide historical registry of double eagles scored during tournament and casual play. The first double eagle was by Young Tom Morris in 1870. It came on the 3rd shot of the par-6, 578 yard, 1st hole during the 10th British Open Championship being held at the Prestwick Golf Club. Tom went on to win that Open Championship. Golfing Great Jack Nicklaus is the only player to have scored a double eagle as a teenager, on the PGA Tour, and again on the Champions Tour.

~What are the odds to scoring a double eagle: 1,000,000 to 1?

~The odds to scoring a hole-in-one are: 40,000 to 1.

“Due to the overwhelming odds, every golfer who has ever scored a double eagle should have their rare accomplishment recorded through the official worldwide registry. The scoring of a double eagle or albatross is a wonderful example of an individual achieving excellence,” states Michael Christensen, founder of The Double Eagle Club. Christensen goes on to say, “Golfers who score the rare double eagle or albatross can register their achievement and have their name with their stats along side of the greats of golf.”

There have been 541 double eagles scored to date; 372 during tournament play, first was Tom Morris, Jr. in 1870 and the last by Camilo Villegas in December 2009 during the Chevron World Challenge. Professional Golfer and NBC Broadcast Announcer, Johnny Miller said of his rare double eagle scored during the 1972 British Open Championship, “the ground was super hard and I hit both shots as hard as possible.” There have been 40 scored by amateurs and 332 scored by professionals. The number of golfers who have scored a double eagle during casual play is 174; five by Tour Professionals and 169 by Amateurs. Coach John R. Wooden, of UCLA basketball fame, scored a double eagle in the 1930s at the Erskine Park Golf Club in South Bend, Indiana .

About The Double Eagle Club

In 1984, Club founder Michael Christensen, began the hobby of tracking double eagles scored on the PGA Tour. Over time his casual hobby grew into a passion. With the help of Ms. Helen Ross, Chief of Correspondence for the PGA Tour, the “Widows of Golfers” who volunteered their service to the Ralph W. Miller Golf Library and Museum, Golf Historian Ms. Jane LaMarsche, and Ms. Topsy Siderowf, Associate Editor of Golf Digest magazine, the hobby became The Double Eagle Club on March 1, 1997 with 57 original members. Golfing legend Gene Sarazen was the first Club President.

“We welcome all golfers to visit the Club website. There you will find The Featured Tournament of the Week, along with all the events for the Tours of the world. There is also up-to-date information regarding double eagles scored throughout the world, including names and stats surrounding them. You will also see a list of the Frequently Asked Questions with their interesting answers and The Origins and Histories of Golf’s Scoring Terms and System,” states Christensen.


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