Professional Curbside Cleaning Service For Residential and Commercial Garbage Containers.

Boca Raton, Florida – March 16, 2010 — “Trashcanman provides a convenient and cost effective service to homeowners and commercial entities alike. Our process is environmentally friendly, cleaning and sanitizing wheeled trash containers utilizing only GREEN SEAL certified product. We are so confident of our service that we offer a trial clean free of charge” stated Norman Fineman, president of Appliance Of America Inc.

Fineman went on to say, “Our specialized vehicles are completely self contained ensuring that the washing solution remains within our vehicle at all times. It is estimated that our service will prevent over 10 Million Gallons of contaminated runoff water from entering the lakes and ground water systems each year in Palm Beach County alone.”

Trashcanman works in conjunction with the residential and commercial waste management process. They schedule their curbside cleaning process on the same day each month to conveniently synchronize with local waste management services. They arrive after the trash can is emptied to carry out the cleaning & sanitizing process so there is no need to leave the can out at any other time, “just leave it a little longer on cleaning day to give us time to follow the city collection,” says Fineman,.

After they clean the can, they tie an easily removable tag to the can handle to identify that the cleaning and sanitizing process has been completed, you can then return the can to the garage or other storage area.

Services such as Trashcanman are very common in Europe, the west coast USA and several other states – where they have been established for many years. Interestingly the service is popular across the spectrum of house values and certainly not a “rich man’s option”.

Truck capabilities:

CCV or curbside cleaning vehicle is a purpose built machine specially designed to clean up to three residential type wheeled trash cans or a single wheeled commercial dumpster at a time. The CCV is built by a Dutch / American company and constructed entirely in the USA.

The CCV consists of a high capacity clean water tank and a range of pressurized filtration systems that enable us to service hundreds of trashcans per day. This is all carried out in a “closed loop” system that ensures we do not spill water or debris on the roadside.

The hydraulic lifts at the back of the vehicle pick up and rotate the trash can into position over sophisticated turbine driven pressure heads which spray large volumes of water in virtually all directions within the upended trash can.

The entire process is ecologically friendly utilizing green seal certified chemicals that are completely biodegradable they have no toxic content and are essentially allergen free.

Trashcanman residential service is just $6 a month, extra cans are half price. Commercial Services are also available.


The Boca Raton and surrounding area media is invited to demo the service.

Contact: Norman Fineman, 1 888 666 0980 or by email: [email protected]

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For more information or to book a free trial visit: or call: 1 888 666 0980.