Step To CRM Kit

Dubai March 16, 2010 – With 16 years of on-hand experience in the industry, Hani Masgidi has established his repute as a successful and customer oriented Call Center and CRM expert. After his first site’s great success he is now launching the new website (also known as “Step to CRM Kit”). Step to CRM is a business kit specially designed to simplify every aspect of the Customers’ Relationship Management and customers’ life cycle with just a few quick actions and practices! “Efficiency Awaits”.

” With this CRM Kit at your disposal, you will have an easy to follow method to increase the level of new customer acquisition, Improve your customer retention and to increase the amount of money that customers happily spend on your products or services.” says Hani Masgidi “Step to CRM Kit” is designed to help you put together the right CRM strategy and have a successful CRM implementation with the best CRM practices as abase, to enjoy and bring to accomplish “

Hani is dedicated to create an online solution for every level of user of Customer Support and the process is an ongoing learning. “I’d love to see Step to CRM kit take off and reach as many professionals as possible so that this year should see some distinct advancement in fast paced CRM Industry”. “Step To CRM” comes in 5 easy to use modules and is so handy that it should be made compulsory for business support professionals should have and practice” added Hani Masgidi.

Events are already lined up for the grand launching of the new CRM kit, and professional giveaway contests are planned.

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