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Fond du Lac, Wisconsin – led:vending announced the official launch of their LED lighting products. Their plan is to take vending merchandisers of yesterday, and update them with lighting technologies of today.

LED technology is becoming the future resource for most lighting solutions used now. The majority of vending merchandisers today still run on fluorescent light fixtures. This means that operators are forced to carry multiple bulb types, ballasts, and must frequently replace an assortment of parts.

Energy Star states that LED lighting will “reduce energy costs, uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, and will last up to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting.” Energy Star also agrees that maintenance costs will be reduced as there is “no bulb-replacements, ladders, or an ongoing disposal program.”

With the savings on maintenance and energy costs, LED lighting solutions can also help save the environment. As stated by the New York Times, “a complete conversion to the lights could decrease carbon dioxide emissions from electric power use for lighting by up to 50%.”

“led:vending plans to revolutionize the vending industry with our new, innovative LED products,” states Alan Ernst, Marketing Director for led:vending, “We’re thrilled to offer this new technology to vending companies. Our products offered are completely universal and allow you to apply the same solutions to virtually any vending machine. These solutions will also work in virtually any 110v or 12v application that you want to use LED lighting in. It will provide lighting with an economical approach to lower power consumption along with greatly increasing lighting longevity, while still presenting easy to install products.”

Colin Humphreys, a researcher at Cambridge University who works on LED lights, states how easy the LED switchover is by commenting, “It is fit-and-forget-lighting that is essentially there for as long as you live.”

About led:vending

led:vending provides the most cost-efficient way to illuminate virtually all types of vending machines with their LED lighting solutions, not limited to just merchandisers. ledvending.com provides informational videos regarding their solutions and allows the user to visit the led:vending online store to buy products securely. led:vending provides a 14-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty on their products.

Interested parties can visit the website at http://www.ledvending.com
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