Dallas, Texas – March 18, 2010 — Parents are distrustful of Daycares, because they are afraid their child will be abused or mistreated. With all the Daycares in the news hurting and neglecting their children—parents are more skeptical than ever. Because there so many “unsafe” daycares, parents need information to make sure they choose the right center for their toddler.

“Parents choosing a quality daycare for their child is one of the scariest decisions they have to make.” says, Kelly Mayberry, Child Expert and Director of Brilliance Preschool & Academy. Mrs. Mayberry explains,” I’ve spoken with many parents who would rather stay-at-home, before they put their child in a daycare again!” Because of these horrified admissions, she details 7CriticalFactors all parents should address before putting their child in any center:

1) The Center Should Have Qualified& Caring Teachers: Parents should have their child in centers with degreed or certified teacher. If not — Beware!

2) Classroom Sizes Should be At or Below State Teacher/Student Ratio: Some centers are private business and focus on profits. Rather than the care of the children.

3) The Center Should Always Have Consistent Communication with Parents: Parents should be able to communicate with someone at the center about their child at any time.

4) The Center Should be Safe and Secure: It’s best to choose a center with Control Access, DVR recording, and CCTV — as the minimum security standards.

5) Quality of Center: You should expect the center to be warm and inviting. It should be in good repair and condition. And conducive to a respectable learning environment.

6) Learning vs. “Just Playing”: Parents should stray away from daycares that just let kids play. These unstructured activities lead to many children getting injured.

7) Sanitation: The Center should have a daily cleanliness policy to reduce germs and viruses.

Since a large portion of your audience are Parents and Grandparents with children, this is riveting information they will want to know. Parents should have a Peace of Mind, every time they leave their child with a daycare provider.

Kelly Mayberry is a Director, Child Expert and Children’s Advocate at Brilliance Preschool & Academy. She can also provide you a great interview on a variety of Parenting Tips for your audience. Tip Sheet and Q&A available upon Request!

To schedule an interview, call Kelly at (972) 793-8655 or 24 hour by cell: (504)376-5276 Or e-mail at [email protected]