Manhattan mediation center YS Mediation discusses how the process of mediation can significantly improve dialog between disputing parties for finding common ground.

March 16, 2010 – ( — Disputes between individuals, organizations, communities, and others with a meaningful interest in the resolution outcome often require the intervention of attorneys or courts in order to be resolved. However; some suggest these channels of conflict resolution are not likely to result in a desired outcome for either party because decisions are made by courts, who judge the circumstances from the outside looking in. Manhattan based conflict resolution center YS Mediation discusses how mediation as an alternative to court based conflict resolution may provide a means for an outcome that more effectively takes the needs of all parties involved into consideration.

Finding Common Ground

Finding common ground in attempting to settle a dispute can be difficult when opposing parties are unwilling to understand the positions of one another. Mediation affords disputants the opportunity to be heard as well as hear key issues presented by the other party. The following are just a few of the ways in which mediation can help disputants find common ground to more effectively reach a settlement.

• Mediation means rational choices- Mediation helps take the emotion spurned battle out of resolving a dispute. Instead of trying to gain the most while giving the least possible, parties are able to communicate their concerns and reach an agreement based on mutual understanding.

• Mediation eradicates the “win at any cost” attitude – Mediation helps prevent parties from acting on the impulse to do act in unethical ways that may help one win at the other’s expense.

• Mediation helps ensure that no stone is left unturned – With mediation, immediate and future issues may be discussed for long-term resolution. Because it involves discussion between those with a vested interest in decisions made, there are not restrictions on what may be brought to the table.

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