SANTA ANA, Calif. March 18, 2010 — Spectrum Information Services, a longtime leader in document management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its family of offerings through a joint agreement with i-DocSecure, Inc. and WebDog.

For 20 years, Spectrum has been known for its professional customer service in providing document management, scanning, printing and mailing services to Fortune 2000 companies with it’s SAS 70 Level II compliant facilities across the country. Coupled with i-DocSecure, Inc.’s groundbreaking online document management and WebDog’s comprehensive network security solutions, this new entity brings an advanced level of technology to companies that want to remain safe while cloud computing.

With the tools now available to Spectrum’s customers, the “paperless office” also can achieve compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other data security regulations. Spectrum’s new family of software and services provide secure document storage, customer relations management, internet and network authentication, intrusion prevention and computer forensics — all very important components in complying with standards.

These tools are as follows: WEBDOG Compliance Appliance, SECURESALESTOOLS.COM the Premier (CRM Customer Relation Management through Cloud Computing) and IDoc secure a web hosted Document Management Platform which links to the CRM and it securitized though the WEB DOG Appliance. These tools will help SMB (Small to Medium Business) gain access to platforms and appliances often only afforded by larger organizations with minimal up front costs since ALL new offerings are offered as a SAAS (Software as a Service). In addition, Fortune 2000 companies too will reap the benefits of having services available similar to what they are using today except more secure for a fraction of the costs today. Just a few of the benefits are the ability to store, organize and back up documents online, making them available for safe access, anywhere and at any time. Online document sharing also allows for ease of collaboration with customers and partners, all without having to invest in additional training, software licenses or infrastructure. All that’s needed is an Internet browser for access to all your contacts, proposals, activity and reports and so much moreā€¦.

With this new family of tools, network security also is assured, protecting company assets and proprietary information. Data is secured through strong two-factor authentication, along with WebDog’s comprehensive network forensics, meeting the demanding needs of corporations, health care organizations, and the banking industry and government agencies.

About Spectrum Information Services:

Spectrum Information Services, LLC is a leader in document imaging, management and storage solutions. Since 1990, Spectrum’s services have allowed its clients more time to focus on core business processes, rather than expending resources on document management and retrieval. Spectrum’s professional customer service offerings now include a full line of cloud computing software, providing customer relations management, document security and network authentication solutions.

Curtis Pilon
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