/EIN Presswire/ March 19th 2010, Minneapolis – The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight is one of the hottest and most unique celebrity driven iTunes Podcast to hear a diverse range of Billboard’s chart topping and Grammy Award winning music producers, composers, arrangers, vocalists and engineers discuss their production techniques and studio equipment preferences, influences, song structure, vocal performance/style, music instruments, genre, background and upcoming projects. The shows are permanently published and also hosted at www.spudtootightmusic.ning.com

Edgy R&B/Funk Groove Music Producer/Composer Spud Too Tight is also prolific and gifted on keyboards, guitar/bass, drum programming, and engineering. He is described as having that edgy defined sonic signature sound and is an avid Logic Pro 8 and MacBook Pro user. Spud has been in the game for nearly 20 years composing and producing that ‘It Factor” music for indie artists, television and radio spots, and Smooth Jazz PSA background music for some of Hollywood celebrities who were endorsing a humanitarian cause. He has a four year Publishing/Administration deal with one of the industry’s leading companies in North America, Missing Link Music and is a member of ASCAP. On a production note, “Creepa,” the season one winner of MTV’s reality show G’s to Gents created by Jamie Foxx, has been in the studio writing positive lyrics and requested tracks from Music Producer Spud Too Tight for his upcoming CD release on Mpire Records.

The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight has interviewed some of the most prolific Icons in the music industry since his first show in August 2009. This year the trend continues with celebrity interviews such as Award Winning/Multi-Platinum Music Producers/Composers/Engineers including Printz Board/Music Director for The Black Eyed Peas, The J.u.s.t.i.c.e League, Kwame’, Michael Woodrum Battlecat, Michael Jay; Mumtaz Morris (Stevie Wonder’s Son) and Jazz Saxophonist Jessy J. This past week award-winning entrepreneur and executive Larry Ryckman, CEO & President of MyStudio, Inc., who has successfully developed the groundbreaking MyStudio and AfterMaster technologies was also a special guest. “Interacting with music celebrity icons and technology experts on the weekly show gives listeners an outstanding 24/7 platform to learn from the best” says Spud Too Tight.

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This week The Producer’s Corner with Spud Too Tight was ranked No.1 in the Business category of more than 1700 major profiles, remained in the Top 10 of the Entertainment category of more than 4500 celebrity profiles and is acknowledged for being a Mover & Shaker on the front page. (see kevo.com)
On Sunday, March 28th at 3PM EST, Spud Too Tight will also be a guest on Black Teen Empowerment Radio, an online Radio Program fostering conversations on how Black Communities can better support their teens and equip them to become future leaders. Black Teen Empowerment Radio is a joint venture between the Black Talk Media Project & National Black Teen Empowerment Expo.
The objective for Spud Too Tight is to be the strategic choice for producing Pop, R&B and Smooth Jazz music for recording artists, music for film and television commercials, facilitate new product equipment demonstrations at national expos and develop partnerships with leading music equipment and software manufactures in conjunction with his celebrity podcast.

Monica Anders, PR Strategist
[email protected]