Legal news for Idaho employment attorneys. A grain elevator accident killed a worker who was trying to unclog it.

Idaho employment attorneys alert- A workplace accident involving a General Mills grain elevator killed a man.

Rexburg, ID—An accident at General Mills Elevators left an Idaho Hills man dead on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. The fatal workplace accident occurred in the evening hours on the west side of Newdale, as reported by the Rexburg Standard Journal.

The Fremont County Search and Rescue reported that Julio Luis Garcia, 47, of Idaho Falls became trapped and partially buried in a silo that was holding barley, as he was trying to unclog the bin. Unfortunately the silo was being unloaded while Garcia was inside of it, causing him to continue to be buried. Another co-worker who was with him at the time was unable to get him out and immediately called 911. When rescue teams arrived at the scene they cut several holes into the silo to speed up the rescue effort. Other rescue team members worked by hand and with machinery to help unload the silo as fast as they could. Tragically by the time they were able to reach Garcia, he was already dead. Madison County firefighters and ambulance personnel also assisted the Fremont County first responders in their rescue efforts. It is unknown if police officials or the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) will conduct a full investigation into the incident.

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