/ EINPresswire.com / Sanna Al Kassir recently announced changes to its senior management team, effective March 1, 2010. Joshua Gunter has been appointed Executive Vice President of Global Communications. Gunter, who has served the company in a variety of executive capacities since 2005, will be responsible for all corporate communications and global media relations, including the company’s press releases. Gunter is a 13 year veteran of the U.S. Army and has spent extensive time in country during his three deployments to Iraq. He was part of the “Surge” of U.S. forces in 2007-2008 that led to the relative security Baghdad has experienced over the last year. Gunter has flown over 1,500 hours in Iraq as a UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot. During that time he has been to nearly every city throughout Iraq from Dahook in the north, Al Suliminiyah in the east, Basrah/Um Qasr in the south to Ramadi/Fallujah in the west. Through his experiences he has been fortunate to meet and transport numerous top Iraqi officials, U.S. Officials, and Non Governmental Organizations.

Luke Sestito has been appointed Executive Vice President of Procurement. In his new role with SAK, Sestito will work on a global level with SAK’s supply partners to find the best quality products for import to Iraq. Based in the United States, Luke will work
closely with American companies that wish to begin investing, importing, or opening offices in Iraq, in partnership with SAK. We believe that these partnerships will result in substantial income and growth to both SAK and its partners all the while assisting the Iraqi people and government to rebuild. Sestito is currently the CEO of The DeLeon Group, Inc. which he formed in 1999 as a consulting group that specializes in helping US companies gain market share in the Middle East and China. Sestito also sits on the board of directors of several companies including, Pioneer Research Inc., ISX Trader Inc., and The Apache Oil Group.

Sanna Al Kassir General Trading Company, in conjunction with its partners, operates offices in Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United States and has maintained an active full time presence in Iraq since early 2005.

Inquiries should be directed to the SAK corporate website www.sakcommodities.com

For media: email [email protected] or call: in Arabic contact Ammar Mahdi +964 780 019 1673, in English +964 780 019 1674, and in the United States: 001 931 436 8140

SAKCommodities, a full spectrum Import and Export Trading Company has opened the first foreign owned, operated and staffed, office downtown Baghdad, Iraq.

Our unique position affords us easy and virtually unrestricted access to our associates, partners, local nationals and governmental agencies to capitalize on Iraq’s emerging market. We are the first company to provide eyes and ears on the ground in Baghdad, outside of the restrictive aspects of the fortified compounds, providing real-time business information in support of our clients.

SAKCommodities can assist your business, establish trading links, or exchange real time data.