“Now how do get my reputation back,” states Epstein.

Miami, FL – March 19, 2010 — On March 5 2010, Judge Sarah Zabel dismissed all charges against long time teacher/educator Peter Epstein. On August 7th 2009 Epstein had was pulled over by local police for an alleged traffic infraction. The traffic stop lead to Epstein being charged with driving under the influence (DUI), possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. At all times Mr. Epstein had disputed the charges and the accuracy of the arresting officer’s police report. After pleading not guilty to all charges, Mr. Epstein and his attorneys had maintained that the arresting officer had acted in an overzealous manner during the arrest and in preparing the police report, the officer misstated material facts. In fact Epstein’s attorney’s subsequent investigations had revealed that in the last 8 years at least 7 complaints had been reported against the arresting officer and those complaints lead to an investigation against the arresting officer. After reviewing the facts of the case the State Attorney’s Office through the prosecutor recommended that all charges be dismissed. Judge Zabel accepted that recommendation in her order to dismiss.

Mr. Epstein stated, “Even though all charges have been dismissed, this entire ordeal has been a harrowing experience. There was a lot of publicity about my case in the media and unfortunately much of the publicity contained highly inaccurate information which severely damaged my reputation. Even though I have never been found guilty of any crimes, one traffic stop has severely tarnished my reputation that I spent 20 years building as a prominent educator in South Florida. Now that this is behind me, I intend to resume doing what I have always loved doing, educating children in our community and helping them grow into responsible adults.”

Epstein has also indicated that he is grateful to all of his current and former students as well as many members of the community that have supported him throughout this ordeal.

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Source: RPR News Staff Writer